Key Facts

Lecture Location and Schedule

What When Note
Location online
Times no fixed times, weekly schedule aiming for Monday availability lecture slides, videos, … weekly
Office hours scheduled see below

Instructional Staff

Title Name Email Office Hours
Instructor Dirk Eddelbuettel online via zoom Mon 7:00pm-8:00pm
Course Assistant Alton Barbehenn Illini Hall 104 Mon + Wed 11am-noon


Prior to taking this course, students should have acquired the following knowledge:

  • A Statistics course such as STAT 410. STAT 420. or STAT 425 will be helpful.
  • Ability to collaborate in a group project: listen, provide constructive dialog, contribute work
  • Motivation for participation in an online class: readings, exercises, … are a key component
  • Some basic computer skills; prior programming knowledge is not required but possibly helpful.
  • Campus presence for the the CBTF quizzes, on-campus office hours and group project.